A Middle Class Man: An Autobiography

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Living in the Environment

Front Cover, Contents, Introduction, The Idea, The First Building, The Conflict, The Earth Building Movement, Murphys Creek Homestead, Post-War Architecture and Natural Building, Pseudo Affluence, Crises and Correctives, Landscape and Landscape Building, Country Houses, The Australian Identity, Timber Buildings, Corrugated Iron, Alternative Lifestyles, , Fathers and Sons, Postscript, Appendix 1, Planning for mud brick, Appendix 2, Soil types for mud bricks, Appendix 2, Soil types for mud bricks, Back Cover,

We Are What We Stand On

Early building experiences, Professional mud brick building, Contents, Foreword, Introduction, The Evocative Panorama, Justus Jorgensen and Montsalvat, Metamorphosis of The Middle Class, The Pise-de-Terre Connection, Historic Landmarks, Beginning of the Mud Brick Revival, Aims, Objectives, and Spiritual Conflicts, The Tarnagulla-DunollyMoliagul Triangle, Mud Brick Builders of Colour, Culture and Accomplishment, The Socio-Aesthetic Society, The Renaissance of the Australian Film Industry, The Impact of the Environment on the Eltham Inhabitants, The Impact of the Eltham Inhabitants on the Environment, The Rediscovery of the Indigenous Landscape, The Dunmoochin Episode, The Dunmoochin Potters, Clifton Pugh's Success Story, Clifton Pugh's Success Story, Games They Played, The Coming of the Corporate State, Front Cover, Back Cover,

Alternative Housing

Front Cover, Contents, Introduction, The Mount Pleasant Road Story, Our Recent Yesterdays, An Innovator Ahead of His Time, The Audacious Improvisors, The Cost of Commitment, New Life for the Inner City, In Search of Eldorado, Designing for Cyclones, The Watergarden and the Endless House, Lord Deliver Us from Experts, Education for Living, Bread and Mudbricks, Back Cover,

Man and Mud (Fragment)

Chapter 8
Victoria the mud brick state

Housing grouped in rural setting

Housing Grouped in Rural Setting,