Alternative Housing

Author: Alistair Knox
Buiding with the head, the heart and the hand

Published in Australia and New Zealand by Albatross Books and in the United KIngdom by Lion Publishing.

First edition 1980

Copyright Alistair Knox 1980

ISBN 0 86760 000 4 (Australia)

ISBN 0 85648 278 1 (United Kingdom)

Contents Introduction The Mount Pleasant Road Story The environmental lifestyle Our Recent Yesterday A personal recollection An Innovator Ahead of His Time The beginning of an idea The Audacious Improvisors The individual approach ... read more

Introduction The Lemprill house designed by the author and built by Macgregor Knox and Shane Aumont THE difference between this and my previous book, Living in the Environment, is more than one of time: it is also one of perspective. My first ... read more

The Mount Pleasant Road Story The environmental lifestyle THE Shire of Eltham has achieved a remarkable reputation as a district of artists, writers, environmentalists and other eccentric inhabitants during the past forty years. It has gradually become recognized as ... read more

Our Recent Yesterdays A personal recollection THE shape and nature of the city of Melbourne has greatly changed from the one in which I grew up. In 1914, just before the First World War, I was two years old and the population was less than one million. The ... read more

An Innovator Ahead of His Time The beginning of an idea IT is difficult to evaluate the post-war metamorphosis by looking back. It has caused such enormous changes to every aspect of living that it is hard to conceive that, in the early 1950s, no more than a handful ... read more

The Audacious Improvisors The individual approach to building In environmental building 'the race is not always to the swift nor the battle to the strong'. My first evidence of this was when Alma Shanahan spoke to me about building in mud brick back in 1951. ' ... read more

The Cost of Commitment The Boer and the computer engineer AN ever-increasing number of single and married people are feeling the challenge of getting back to a simple lifestyle free from the fruitless money game which demands more from them than it can ever ... read more

New Life for the Inner City A case study in community action THE building industry in Australia rises to a crescendo every December. The climax precedes the five-week holiday break which starts around the twentieth of the month. Each year I try to tie up our planning ... read more

In Search of Eldorado An attainable dream IT did not immediately register that David and Helen Hyatt were candidates for the alternative lifestyle when they called at our office. They planned to bypass the cities and the false civilization which so many ... read more

Designing for Cyclones The fusion of engineering with nature In the cause of environmental design in building, landscape and survival, it is sometimes necessary in Australia to travel thousands of miles merely to cover the areas of study. Darwin is more than 2, ... read more

The Watergarden and the Endless House An alternative to suburbia SINCE about 1950 there has been a determination on the part of the manufacturers of household appliances to persuade us that convenience of life and the quality of life are equal and interchangeable concepts. ... read more

Lord Deliver Us from Experts Survival in a dismal economy Tomorrow? Why tomorrow I may be Myself with yesterday's sev'n thousand years. IT would be beyond comprehension that we could spend so much time considering 'tomorrow' if it were not for the fact that we ... read more

Education for Living The surprising discovery I have had eight children by two marriages spread out over nearly forty years. This has given me considerable opportunity to compare educational developments today with those of yesteryear. My own childhood ... read more

Bread and Mudbricks Ingredients of the environmental lifestyle Two of the most fundamental substances in the material world are earth and grain. Each is essential to the environmental lifestyle. Bread From time immemorial, bread has been the staff of life ... read more

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