Oral History

Alistair Knox interviewed by Barbara Blackman

Author: Barbara Blackman

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Alistair Knox interviewed by Barbara Blackman [sound recording] for the National Library of Australia. 20-27 May 1986

Alistair Knox, an environmental planner, speaks about his family backgrond; his early career including drawing at the Gallery School, working in a bank and joining the Navy; his years designing and building houses at Eltham, Vic., 1946-1970; reasons for building in mud; his philosophy of environmentally sensitive proportion and design; views on recent mud buildings; the social attitudes of the Eltham community; his religious faith as the basis of his life and work; the Presbyterian church he built at Eltham; and local artistic associates including John Percival, Arthur Boyd, Sid Nolan, Neil Douglas and Clifton Pugh.

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