Withers Transport 227 Client: Withers Transport
Commercial Buildings Modular Houses


Kaufmann 221 Client: Kaufmann
Castle St Eaglemont vic
Modular Houses

T. Dickenson 213 Client: Dickenson
Hillcrest Ave Eltham vic
Modular Houses

46 Panorama Ave Lower Plenty VIC 3140. Designed by Alistair Knox for his aunt by marriage, Vera Knox. Plan dated January 1958, job number 212

Mrs Vera Knox 212 Client: Knox
Panorama Ave Lower Plenty vic
Modular Houses


Miss P Blake 211 Client: Blake
Modular Houses


Brown 210 Client: Brown
Bellevue Rd Rosanna vic
Modular Houses


McEwan 226 Client: McEwan
Modular Houses

The Eltham Presbyterian Church Stage 1 23 Batman Rd, Eltham. VIC 3095. Designed  and built by Alistair Knox plan dated June 1959 job number 225

Eltham Presbyterian Church Hall 225 Client: Eltham Presbyterian Church Hall
Religous Buildings Modular Houses


Dummett 222/1 Client: Dummett
Research vic
Modular Houses

McClelland house Laughing Waters Rd Eltham. VIC 3095. Plan dated April 1958, job number 218

McClelland 218 Client: McClelland
Modular Houses

Opitz house 12 Bible St cnr Napoleon St, Eltham. VIC 3095. House designed by Alistair Knox. Plan dated 1958 job number 217

Opitz 217 Client: Opitz
12 Bible St cnr Napoleon St Eltham vic
Modular Houses


East 214 Client: East
Doncaster vic
Modular Houses


Mrs M L McMillan 204 Client: McMillan
1 Little St cnr Frank St Box Hill South vic
Modular Houses


Temple Dene John 203/1 Client: Temple Dene John
Unwin St cnr Anderson St Templestowe vic
Modular Houses


Eltham Youth Club 200/1/A Client: Eltham Youth Club
Schools and Institutional Buildings Modular Houses