alistair knox : an integrated approach to landscape + architecture, appendix one : collaboration chart

appendix one : collaboration chart

Author: Clair Lee

  1. "There is no question that a typical cross-section of the Eltham community would reveal a more distinguished group of individuals than has occurred in any part of Australia." Knox, Alternative housing, p.83

Knox's writings are peppered with the names of his wide network of friends, clients and collaborators. He is generous in his praise of these people and the contributions they made to both his development as a designer, and the development of the earth building and environmental movements in Eltham. The following chart attempts to record these people as they are mentioned in his books - an elaborate Knox 'network'. It aims to illustrate the complex interweaving of ideas, personalities and skills that occurred during this period, what Knox referred to as 'a strong unity of thought' (Knox, 1980, p.83). We are what we stand on (1980) was chosen as the first document due to its focus on Eltham's history and personalities, with additions in red from Living in the environment (1975) and blue from Alternative housing 1980) Text in italics are direct quotes from Knox. Page references are provided in the left hand column and only information provided in the books is included. The highlighted colours indicate the branch of Eltham society the individual primarily or originally belonged to.

It is anticipated that this chart could also be added to at a later date with information acquired from other sources about the people listed below to provide a social history of the time. Sonia Skipper's recent autobiography, for e.g., elaborates on the lives of many of these people, as does Gordon Ford's autobiography and Anne Latreille's work on Stones. Such an historical investigation is, however, beyond the scope of this project.

82BAKER, DavidFilm director. lived in North Warrandyte, directed 'The Great McCarthy'. and many television and shorter films, including 'Squeaker's Mate', based on the Barbara Baynton book, with Myra GOULD (Matcham SKIPPER's wife) in the lead role.
14BELL, GraemeClassical pianist, elder brother of Roger, schoolboy friend of Peter GLASS - and Gordon FORD, grew up in Camberwell. formed the Graeme Bell Band with Roger and Ade Monsbrough, playing Dixieland Jazz. In 1949 the band went overseas and became internationally known.
29 Knox designed and partly built a house for him 
14BELL, Rogerjazz musician, younger brother of Graeme, grew up in Camberwell, schoolboy friend of Peter GLASS and Gordon FORD 
71Boyd, Arthurpainter. bought land on Panorama Heights Estate at the end of Napier Street 
12 announced to Knox that he was going to give up pottery to be a full-time painter1949
  years later presented $2.000.000 worth of paintings to the Australian National Gallery 
13 part of a group of artists who would meet at Ristie's coffee lounge. Knox would recruit labour 
  from the group which included Sidney NOLAN John PERCEVAL David BOYD Neil DOUGLAS Matcham SKIPPER and Albert Tucker 
13BOYD, Davidpainter and potter: recruited from Risties Coffee Lounge to work on Knox's first building project in Eaglemont with John YULE Wyn ROBERTS and Matcham SKIPPER 
14BOYD Robinarchitect. writer. newspaper contributor 
26 reviewed the English house in his Age column 
37 Periwinkle house mentioned in Australia's Home1952
100 Knox introduced STONES to him & other architects 
137 wrote The Great Australian Ugliness which shocked many people 
33 would write articles for daily papers on mudbrick building with information he received from Knox1949
40 an instructor at Melbournes lively architectural school with Roy Grounds & Bob Eggleston 
33BURSTALL, Bettywife of Tim, mother of Dan and Tom 
75 the first self-sufficiency activist in the district 
75 launched and ran 'La Mama· theatre in Carlton, which encouraged many new artists & poets 
96 paved outside the La Ronde restaurant with Margot KNOX 
33BURSTALL, Timworked with Gordon FORD, Sonia SKIPPER and Peter GLASS on rebuilding of Souter Cottage 
  was to become one of Australia's best known film directors 
37 built their own mud brick home  
60 on land on the west side of Bolton Street in Napier Crescent1950
  Tim has an intelligent, orderly and strongly socially integrated mind. 
65 worked on Tarnagulla project with GLASS, ROBERTS, JACKSON & JUDD 
71 He seemed to know a great number of university and artistic personalities and was a party-goer par excellence 
76 many late night discussions at his home, for e.g. Clifton PUGH debated with Ian Syme about figurative vs non-figurative artists 
78 made first film by Eltham Film Productions, called 'The Prize'1958
82 directed the film, 'Alvin Purple' 
117 directed 'Stork' (Larry STEVENS had a bit part) 
36BUSST, Phylformer student of JORGENSEN at Montsalvat where she had lived with her brother, John client of Knox1948
24 amateur artist 
20DATTNER, Stephena basic member of the original Eltham community1945+
21DATTNER, Kayewife of Stephen. The Dattner house was one of the great hospitable houses of the district. Parties were held at their house to which anyone who was someone in Eltham was invited 
60  Dattner houses in Swan Street built by John HARCOURT 
37DOUGLAS, Neilworked on Periwinkle project1948
50 true nature man of the group 
63 worked on Tarnagulla house with JACKA and FORD 
104 poet and painter, lived at Heide at various times 1945-1950 
106 he was the only person among the more important members who had any intimate knowledge of the Australian bush. 
  Worked with Arthur BOYD and John PERCEVAL at Arthur Merrick Boyd Potteries. 
  Came to live in Eltham1962
  Involved in landscape conservation for the Bend of Islands land on eastern tip of Eltham. 
  Awarded an MBE 
35 became a well known environmentalist 
38 friend of Alan MONEY, served together during WW2 
36DOWNING, Professor RichardKnox designed a weekend house for him and his partner, Dorian LE GALLIENNE in Yarrabraes Rd, off Sweeneys Lane. 'Dick and Dor', as they were often referred to by their friends, were the most intellectual. urbane and witty company any district contained.1948
127 Clifton PUGH painted his portrait whilst working for Knox on the second wing of the house  
26ENGLISH, FrankKnox's first client in Eltham. Knox wrote articles about the building which were published in 1947 newspapers The Age and Saturday Night Herald which attracted much attention to the project. 
54FABRO, JackJack stonemason who built bath in BUSST house. Taught and worked with his uncle, Caesar Moretti. Together they built stone chimneys in the district and restoration work throughout Melbourne. Grandfathers were Italian stonemasons.1948
96 Margot KNOX lived in a cottage at the back of their property for a short while 
14FORD, Gordonfriend of GLASS and BELL brothers, (had worked in Public Service with Roger Glass) 
  joined them in mudbrick building venture1938
  purchased 1 acre of Bell and Glass land1945
20 worked part-time for John HARCOURT with Peter GLASS on pise-de-terre buildings1946
26 After English house built, Ford went to work for Knox1947
50 laboured on BUSST house (52 bags of cement in one day)1948
63 worked on Tarnagulla house with Cyril JACKA and Neil DOUGLAS & Wyn ROBERTS 
100 worked for Ellis STONES, including some projects with Margot KNOX 
  would become an enormous influence on the natural Australian garden development1950
101 attended Ernest LORD's evening classes, where he would take plant samples to be identified 
102 worked on the second wing of the DOWNING/LE GALLIENNE house, under direction from Stones1954
29 is having buildings erected in landscape designs1975
33 among the rare breed of instinctive Australian landscape architects 
  a vital influence on the profession and Australia in general 
14G:LASS, Peterartist, architect & landscape architect, attended Max Meldrum's painting classes visited JORGENSEN at Montsalvat before WW2, purchased 6 acres of land nearby with the Bell brothers where they built a mudbrick shed called 'Bald Headed Manor"1938
20 worked part-time for John Harcourt on pise-de-terre buildings1946
69 worked on Tarnagulla project with ROBERTS, JUDD, JACKSON and BURSTALL 
107 had some slight connection with Edna WALLING before the War 
  overseas1951 - 1958
  designed landscapes with Gordon FORD and architecture with Knox1959
71 Knox called him an artist-cum-designer, draughtsman and landscape architect. 
80 My landscape associate. was responsible for rejuvenating land just outside Bairnsdale. He has designed a proposal that not only will turn the ravaged landscape into a thing of great beauty, but will also make the farm self-supporting. 
33 among the rare breed of instinctive Australian landscape architects a vital influence on the profession and Australia in general 
82GOULD, MyraGOULD, Myra lead role in David BAKER's film 'Squeaker's Mate' 
98 had a studio behind Russell St Police Station which she shared with her husband, Matcham SKIPPER (where Alistair met Margot) 
112 owned land at Dunmoochin near Clifton PUGH 
134 practical tenacious qualities 
107GRANT, BobEltham shire curator 
108 worked with 'Rocky' STONES for some years and could have had a thriving landscape 
109 practice in his own right if he had wanted to .... He has a natural gift for shaping land, planting trees, placing boulders. creating a continuing quality of landscape design that is not equaled anywhere else in civic or other places. 
12HARCOURT, Johnjournalist, novelist, pearler, built several earth structures in Eltham district 
20 pise-de-terre builder 
26 employed Gordon FORD and Peter GLASS part-time1946
54 adobe residence called Clay Nunehan 
60 erected many adobe houses in district using an automatic ramming technique, including DATTNER houses in Swan Street 
4 Eltham resident and builder1930s - 1950
57HIRST, Ericbuilder who helped build the Knox house: born in Yorkshire where he worked on medieval buildings which involved spatial relationships between man and nature (like Knox's) 
37HOWARD,Tedworked on Periwinkle house with SKIPPER,JHUDD, JACKSON & DOUGLAS1948
15HUMPHRIES, BarryActor and comedian, born in Camberwell, famous for his satiric comic criticisms of the suburban lifestyle  
19 creator of characters Sandy Stone & Edna Everage 
77 regular at the Swanston Hotel Friday night gatheringsearly 1950's
134 frequented Clifton PUGH's Dunmoochin Artist Colony 
138 creator of character Les Patterson 
64 local wit, satirist and actor 
  friend of Ron PINNELL  
63JACKA, Cyrilworked on Tarnagulla house with FORD & DOUGLAS 
70 caravan on land on Panorama Heights Estate at the end of Napier Street. near BURSTALL's 
19JACKSON, Tonyeccentric 
31 worked with Gordon FORD on Macmahon Ball Studio project 
37 worked on Periwinkle project with SKIPPER, JUDD, HOWARD & DOUGLAS1948
65 worked on Tarnagulla project with GLASS, ROBERTS, JUDD & BURSTALL 
87JARROLD, Lencraftsman carpenter, lived on north west corner of the Main Road and Dalton Street1948
  family early inhabitants of Eltham. lived in Whiteclouds' 
88 Jarrold house later belonged to the SKIPPER family 
89 had a tradesman's approach to adobe building 
83JELBART, Ron & Yvonnelandowners & earth owner buildersc.1945
91 outstanding oarsman, as were his sons 
10JORGENSEN, Justusfounder of Montsalvat artist colony 
  Helen SKIPPER was his mistress and fathered his children 
76 had a room at the back of the Mitre Tavern in the city just after WW2 where artists would meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays, followed by dinner at the Latin Club. When Mitre Tavern remodelled they met on Friday nights at the Swanston Family Hotel in Swanston Street. 
1 built in pise de terre. painter. philosopherearly 1930s
8 died aged 821975
10JORGENSEN, Dr. Lilywife of Justus JORGENSEN 
43JOSLYN, KeithAn Eltham man who started an earth-moving enterprise for which he became well known throughout Victoria. 
33JUDD, Horrielegendary mud brick builder. who worked for Knox 
37 labourer on Periwinkle project, worked with SKIPPER, SKIPPER, HOWARD & DOUGLAS1948
42 lived on the very rim of the highest part of the natural Eltham amphitheatre (Reichelt Crescent) He had a single-minded discipline (and] was regarded with awe and respect by the ordinary worker of the period as a phenomenon - a man apart from others. 
43 worked for Knox for 2 years as main builder on Periwinkle and BUSST projects and first stage of DOWNIN/LE GALLIENNE house 
65 worked on Tarnagulla project with GLASS, ROBERTS, JACKSON & BURSTALL 
8 built stone chapel at Montsalvat  
24 almost single-handed at age 65 
94KNOX, Margotartist, who had worked in the Arthur Merrick Bo.otteries in Murrumbeena 
  occasionally painted with PERCEVAL, DOUGLAS and the BOYD's. 
  sold Perceval and Boyd paintings and pottery on commission at the 'Ticket Box' on the 'Whiteclouds' property 
96 Lived in Peter GLASS' house whilst he was in Europe, and then in a cottage behind the FABROs 
  Did paving of the La Ronde Coffee Lounge with Betty BURSTALL 
98 had attended RMIT art school, met Alistair at Matcham and Myra SKIPPER's studio behind Russell Street Police Station - the most popular artists· rendezvous in Melbourne during that period1948
100 Rented a bungalow in Ivanhoe where she was introduced to Ellis STONES 
  employed by Ellis to do slate paving - Rocky taught her the elements of true paving Margot became the best pavior of random slate in the business. Gordon FORD also working for STONES 
111 visited Clifton PUGH's house at Dunmoochin with Knox 
97KNOX, W.D.Alistair's uncle, a later impressionist painter, who painted around East Ivanhoe, Alistair would visit as a boy and remembered his dislike for pine trees. referring to their sour-green colour1920s
120LAYCOCK, Peter & Helensettled in Dunmoochin, began a potters· community1960s
122 Peter lectured and held pottery classes 
36LE GALLIENNE, Doriancomposer friend and client of Knox1948
80 lived with Dick Downing in Yarra Braes Road.Composed music for the film, 'The Prize" directed by Tim BURSTALL 
81 He is still considered by many to be the greatest composer this country has procuced 
41 did not strive for newness but for truth 
  music critic 
42 along with Dick. he comprehended the total landscape in its relationship to humanity and could see quality where others could not 
  Dorians explanations caused Knox to relate to the powerful landscape. rather than try to outdo it - to slow down and think in simple. timeless proportions 
  One of Doriens abilities was to leave nature alone except to intensify it and let it come right up to the doors of the house. 
101LORD, ErnestAuthor of Shrubs and Trees for Australian Gardens, who conducted an evening landscape study group in Melbourne, attended by Gordon FORD was a good friend of Mervyn SKIPPER, who had a plant nursery  
  Knox would frequently meet him at Montsalvat on the weekends 
30 Knox took him a sample of Melaleuca stypheliodes from Griffins Eaglemont garden for identification  
31McCarthy, JackJack ran a small lending library in Collingwood. made mudbricks for Knox on Macmahon Ball project 
31MACMAHON BALL, WilliamKnox's second Eltham clients. Australia's delegate in the Japanese peace negotiations 
83MARSHALL, Allanauthor. wrote 'Foreword' to We are what we stand for" 
84 lived in Kangaroo Ground, would travel by couch to Eltham each week1920
135 claimed that people didn't make Eltham, but Eltham made people. 
104NOLAN, Sineypainter, lived at Heide where he painted the original Kelly series. Knox visited him there 
12 presented $1,OOO,OOO worth of paintings to the Australian National Gallery 
11MIDDLETON, C.Field officer from Commonwealth Experimental Building Station in Sydney. Prepared a pamphlet on earth building which Knox used to convince Eltham Council to provide him with building approval for his first mudbrick building. 
12 produced a pamphlet. Building in earth, enlarged into a book in 1952. reprinted 1975  
35MONEY, AllanKnox met him at the Eltham Hotel 
  a notable builder, actor and director 
36 visited his house : it was a precarious wreck, but the sense of idea and sculpture that could be read into it was stimulating ... It loosened up the traditional concepts into which we so easily lapse. 
37 He and his wife were secondary teachers, Alan taught art : the kids loved his way-out methods.1950s
  converted an old bakery in Prahran into a theatre, which later burnt down. 
38 then found an old house opposite Melbourne University 
  later taught at the CAE 
  friend of Neil DOUGLAS 
  was in the same army camp as him during WW2 - both had gardens outside their tents 
24PERCEVAL, Johnpainter, close friend of Alistair and Margot KNOX. 
  We had supported each other in various escapades and were bound by many loyalties. 
94 Completed a series of paintings of Whittlesea and Cottles Bridge, would call in at the Knox house on his way home. A 1950 painting sold in 1952 for $61,000 (second highest price paid for an Australian painting at that time) 
103 Frequented REED's Heide 
92 went on expedition to Snowy River High Country with PUGH and Knox to paint and see the landscape  
97 lived in weatherboard cottage in Camberwell 
64PINNELL, Ronactor, friend of Barry HUMPHRIES, played the parts of Norm & Kenny Everage 
65 Knox helped him fight a proposed development in South Burnley1975
21PIZZEY, JohnKnox's building partner later in his career 
137 K's planning associate - qualified in architecture & town planning 
61PUGH, Cliftonartist, moved to his property 'Dunmoochin' (part of Eltham shire) from the city (drawn to the area because it was the nearest extents of bushland close to the city 
  worked for Knox. made mud bricks and built walls for second wing of DOWNING/LE GALLIENNE house1954
76 At the BURSTALL home. he debated with Ian Syme about figurative vs non-figurative artists 
109 Built at Cottles Bridge, with 'left-over'· timber supplied by Knox1951
111 persuaded Alma SHANNAHAN to purchase 2 1/2 acres of land at Cottles Bridge 
113 communal land owning : formed the Dunmoochin Artists' Society 
114 a strong branch of the Eltham socio-artistic community 
118 People who have lived at Dunmoochin include Kevin Nolan, Frank and Lea Werther. Kevin Meynell. John Howley, Don Laycock, Mirka Mora, Laurie Dawes, John Olsen, Frank Hodgkinson, Frank Dalby Davison and his wife Marie. 
123 held afternoon pottery exhibitions on the first Sunday of each month1960s
128 painted a portrait of Lord de Lisle. Governor General of Australia 1964
131 Archibald Prize winner 
139 Knox designed and built a wing of Pugh's house composed of big posts and heavy timbers. 
45 He had the natural desire to build that is common with all artistic and imaginative peo 
  'Dunmoochin was two miles past Hurstbridge. 
92 went on expedition to Snowy River High Country with PERCEVAL and Knox to paint and see the landscape 
19RALSTON, PaulineFirst wife of Gordon FORD 
104REED, John & Sundayowned property situated on the Templestowe side of the Yarra, adjacent to Banksia Street, Heidelberg. They were the acknowledged entrepreneurs of the modern art movement, started in1930
  John was founder of the Contemporary Art Society, which included artists whom Knox shared a studio with in Little Collins Street1933
  John also Director of the Museum of Modern Art for many years 
  Neil DOUGLAS lived at Reed property (Heide) at various times1945 - 1950
  Knox visited whilst Sidney NOLAN painting original Kelly series; other well known artist who were part of the Reed 'stable' included the BOYDs, John PERCEVAL & Albert TUCKER 
69ROBERTS, WynnShakespearian actor 
  foreman on second house Knox built in Heidelberg with John YULE, David BOYD and Matcham SKIPPER 
  worked on Tarnagulla house with GLASS, BURSTALL, JACKSON, JUDD & FORD 
  later lived on western slopes of Dandenongs, making furniture part-time 
13 part of Ristie s Coffee Lounge group: which included Sidney NOLAN 
12 John PERCEVAL, David BOYD, Neil DOUGLASS, Matcham SKIPPER and Albert Tucker  
13 worked on Knoxs first project. in Eaglemont with Skipper. David Boyd and John Yule 
9ROMBERG, FrederickFrederick architect who accompanied Knox on his first visit to Montsalvat1940
  lived near Knox in Eaglemont 
118SAPER, Leonpart of Dunmoochin community, Maurie SHAW designed and built a remarkable house for him 
123 arrived in Australia from Europe1949
  became a successful potter 
129SERLE, Johnartist. did building work for Clifton PUGH 
132 painting student of Pugh's: had always lived in the St. Andrew's area; would organise the Dunmoochin cricket matches 
134 first met Pugh through the Belot's (the original landowners). He was amazed at the people he met there, especially BARRY HUMPHRIES. 
135 friend of Albert TUCKER 
81 Knox designed house for him at St. Andrews which Serle built himself 
112SHANAHAN, Almaowned land at Cottles Bridge, erected her own mudbrick house 
113 friend of Clifton PUGH 
122 potter; had a workshop attached to her house 
39 one-time girlfriend of Pugh; spoke to Knox about mudbrick building1951
  built her own hous 
118SHAW, Mauriearchitect, part of Dunmoochin community 
124 designed and built a mudbrick house for Leon @f;1~3il at Dunmoochin : one of the most amazing designs that have occurred in mud brick building ... It consisted of two circles that fuse into each other, with each circle being supported from its centre by a system of radiating rafters ... 
126 would visit Knox to discuss the design; later designed children's adventure playgrounds in Glebe, NSW ... he was an exciting man and there is no doubt that his association with the Ounmoochin Artists' Colony has been instrumental in developing his natural potentials. 
10SKIPPER, Helenelder daughter of Mervyn and Lena SKIPPER, lived at Monsalvat 
  mistress of Justus JORGENSEN, mother of Sebastian and Sigmund Jorgensen 
1 painter 
10SKIPPER, Lenawife of Mervyn, mother of Helen, Sonia and Matcham 
35SKIPPER, Marcusson of Matcham SKIPPER & Myra GOULD 
117 worked with his father on casting enormous sculptures 
134 Knox thought of him as a spiritual son 
135 blacksmith & ironworker 
10SKIPPER, Matchammet Knox when they were both attending night classes in Building. Construction, Theory and Practice at RMIT1946
  Son of Mervyn and Lena SKIPPER 
77 sculptor, jeweller, held exhibition in Brummels in South Yarra 
  he had the ability to do almost anything better than anyone else 
87 built his studio at the rear of 'Whlteclouds', raised on 10 foot timber footings due to frequent floods 
115 Clifton PUGH believed Matcham was the source of the drive of 'things artistic' and 
116 weaved in and out of Eltham society 
117 much more influence on the younger people of Eltham than ... Justus JORGENSEN 
14 would meet at Ristie's Coffee Lounge with Sydney NOLAN, John PECEVAL, Arthur & David BOYD, Neil DOUGLAS & Albert Tucker 
  Built stone chimney for Knox's first project in Eaglemont for owners Noel & Bobbie Bryning with Wyn ROBERTS David Boyd and John YULE 
10SKIPPER, MervynHusband of Lena, father of Helen, Sonia and Matcham SKIPPER 
  The Skippers & JORGENSENs formed the original nucleus of the Montsalvat Colony 
33 Skippers owned Souter Cottage (the first mud brick house built in Eltham (c.1860) 
  Prior to moving to Eltham. the Skippers lived in a house designed by Walter Burley GRIFFIN in Eaglemont 
101 was a good friend of Ernest LORD 
1 writer, long-time editor of the 'Red Page· of the Bullet 
10SKIPPER, SoniaSonia daughter of Mervyn and Lena SKIPPER, lived at Montsalvat 
  joined Knox on his 1st Eltham building project as foreperson for his early building projects, alongside Gordon FORD 
29 ... had ability as a stonemason, laid mud bricks with style and character and was the finisher 1949+ and decorator of mud brick buildings without equal. 1949+
37 labourer on Periwinkle project, worked with JUDD, JACKSON, HOWARD & DOUGLAS1948
56 specialised in wall treatments and finishing work, skills she had learned at Montsalvat. Made 1948 the BUSST floor tiles from a magnestite-based concrete with powdered wood fillers and other ingredients. Knox admired her facility and philosophy.1948
1 painter. carver. builder 
10 first forewoman of mud brick building in Australia 
21 an ability to pave floors. render earlh walls and finish off each building with a quality that has never been surpassed 
148 had a real genius for finding the right solutions for finishing earth buildings, using a wide spectrum of materials 
26STEVENS, Larry (Humph)worked for Knox as labourer on early mud brick projects 
114 owned 30 acres of land near Dunmoochin (lived there for 6 years )and considered a father figure 
115 to the to the community. Knox described his laconic approach to life ... dry sense of humour ... nostalgic dreaming. Was a good friend of Clifton PUGH 
118 Puqh's painting, 'The Chicken Farmers' depicted Larry and his wife. Hope, and their 2 children played a bit part in Tim BURSTALL's film 'Stork' ... a poor man's Humphrey Bogart 
  later owned a picture framing business in Carlton  
98STONES, Ellis (Rocky)landscape gardener who was a creative genius with great boulders and natural land shapes worked with Edna WALLING - together they were the genesis of the real Australian landscape tradition. Elliston Development (named in his honour), his last project, was a collaboration with David Yencken and Merchant Builders 
43 did landscape design for first part of DOWNING/LE GALLIENNE house 
  landscape architect : with an enthusiastic attitude to the production of his ideas a modest, witty, poetic man ... who produced an Australian art form He died aged 791975
84 landscape designer1970
108 lived in Flatrock Road: has done many excellent landscapes prior to taking up landscape design he worked with a large city architectural firm, a gradual metamorphosis that has been an inspiration to us all. 
73VASSSILIEF, DaniliaA painter and sculptor who emigrated to Australia after the Russian Revolution, where he was a Cossack officer in the White Russian Army. Became an art teacher at Koornong Experimental 
74 School, Warrandyte, and later at Eltham High School.1950
  Built a house, Stonygrad. in North Warrandyte. Knox attended a party here with Arthur BOYD 
75 when he was still living in Mossman Drive. Eaglemont. 
146 Stonygrad was one of the most remarkable buildings I ever saw. It was really great sculpting, with powerful rugged walls and enormous tree trunks forming the main beams of the ceiling and roof. 
98WALLING, Ednaalong with Ellis was the genesis of the real Aust. Landscape tradition. They had worked together and influenced each other. Walling established her business before WW2 
107 asked Gordon FORD to work for her but he declined 
26YULE, Johninteresting painter, poet 
34 involved in Souter Cottage project : His eye for structure was not as good as it was for painting. 
44 whilst staying at Knox's house, painted a series of opaque water colours (Encroaching City series) 
14 frequented Risties Coffee Lounge with a group of artists including Sidney NOLAN, John PERCEVAL, David BOYD Neil DOUGLAS, Matcham SKIPPER and Albert Tucker  
  recruited to work on Knoxs first building project in Eaglemont 
14 his work in stone was admired: he decided to seek a job as a stonemason

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