Kilfoyle house lot 1 cr Dobson & Para Rds Montmorency Client: Kilfoyle
Dobson Rd Cnr Para Rd Montmorency VIC

King extension, Antoinette Blv, Eltham Client: King
Antoinette Blv Eltham VIC

King, Extension to 4 Carlyle Court, West Heidelberg. VIC 3181. Designed by Alistair Knox, job number M84

Extension to 4 Carlyle Court, West Heidelberg for Mr & Mrs J King Client: King
4 Carlyle Ct Heidelberg West VIC

Mitchell, 1: plan Bodhan Kusak

Mitchell House ElthamApril 85 Job No 1234 Client: Mitchell
19 Fordhams Rd Eltham VIC

McOmish, 1: plan
Petersen, 1: plan

Petersen House Anakie Feb 1986 No 1256 Client: Petersen
Anakie VIC

Boer, 1: plan

Boer extension Client: Boer

Salmont, 1: plan

Salmont House sassafras Client: Salmont
Sassafras VIC

Coombs, 1: plan

Coombs Extension Mt Eliza Client: Coombs
Mount Eliza VIC

Knox, 1: plan

Knox Studio Shoreham February 1985 Client: Knox
Shoreham VIC

Turnbull, 1: plan

Turnbull House - Raywood May 85 Job No 1238 Client: Turnbull
2134 Bendigo-Pyramid Road Raywood VIC

Seeley house 9 Rennison Rd Newhaven 3925 VIC. Designed by Alistair Knox plan dated July 1985, job number 1249

Seely house - Fairhaven Phillip Island, July 85 Client: Seeley
Fairhaven Phillip Island VIC

Brock, 1: plan pool complex
Smiths, 1: ammended proposal
Roberts, 1: plan