Busst house 71 Silver St, Eltham. VIC 3095. Alistair Knox's first major mud brick building, designed and built 1947

Busst House Client: Busst
71 Silver St cnr Kerrie Court Eltham vic

The Periwinkle (Holmes house) 54 Batman Rd, Eltham. VIC 3095. Designed  and built by Alistair Knox in 1947

The Periwinkle Client: Holmes
54 Batman Rd Eltham vic

Macmhon Ball study, 61 York St, Eltham. VIC 3095. Designed by Alistair Knox

Macmahon Ball Studio Client: Macmahon Ball
61 York St Eltham vic

McLennan house, 72 Ryans Rd, Eltham. VIC 3095. Mud brick house designed and built for his Sistaer, Isobel, in 1948

McLennan Client: McLennan
72 Ryans Rd Eltham vic

Bell house, Corella Ct, Doncaster. VIC 3108. Designed by Alistair Knox job number 329

Bell 329 Client: Bell
43 Corella Ct Doncaster vic

Macmhon Ball house, 61 York St, Eltham. VIC 3095. Designed by Alistair Knox, job number 252

Macmahon Ball rebuilding 252 Client: Macmahon Ball
Mud Brick Buildings

Marriman house, 17 Yarra Braes Rd, Eltham. VIC 3095. Job number 250

Merriman 250 Client: Merriman
Modular Houses