Dome - 23

Client: Van Huttum
Address: 11 Lisbeth Ave, Donvale. 3111 VIC
Year Built: 1958
Job Number: D23
Description: Concrete slab. Four foot module, glazed timber frames, brick infill. Non-load bearing internal stud walls lined with V jointed leather-patterned tempered masonite. Brick chimney. Low pitched stramit ceiling, supported on exposed dressed oregon beams. Roof malthoid and creek gravel usually replaced with Klip-Lock steel sheeting.

Drawing Location: RMIT Design Archive
1: Plan

Keywords: hillcrest,modular

Van Huttum house, 11 Lisbeth Ave, Donvale. VIC 3111. Part of the Hillcrest Estate designed and built by Alistair Knox job number D23 built circa 1958 Photo: Tony Knox

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