A Middle Class Man: An Autobiography

Author: Alistair Knox

Chapter 1: I am born, Chapter 2. At war and at home, Chapter 3: Middle Park, Chapter 4: The Meeting, Chapter 5: Childhood, Chapter 6: My father, Chapter 7: The big school, Chapter 8: Scotch College, Chapter 9: Tired of school, Chapter 10: The bank, Chapter 11: Social life during the depression, Chapter 12: Art School, Chapter 13: Bohemian associations, Chapter 14: Meeting Mernda, Chapter 15: Marriage, Chapter 16: The Eaglemont house, Chapter 17: The war starts, Chapter 18: Discovering Montsalvat, Chapter 19: The Naval Reserve, Chapter 20: Training at the Williamstown Naval Base, Chapter 21: The Martindale, Chapter 22: Sydney for the refit, Chapter 23: Sailing up the east coast, Chapter 24: Martindale Trading Company (No Liability), Chapter 25: Daily life, Chapter 26: After the Martindale, Chapter 27: The trip home, Chapter 28: Discharged, Chapter 29: The first house, Chapter 30: Open Country - the Boyds, Chapter 31: Postwar society, Chapter 32: The first mud brick house, Chapter 33: Early mud brick houses, Chapter 34: Giving up the bank, Chapter 35: Christian reflections, Chapter 36: Not an architect, Chapter 37: La Ronde Restaurant, Chapter 38: Eltham Films, Chapter 39: The youth group, Chapter 40: Hard times, Chapter 41: Sale of the York Street properties, Chapter 42: Mount Pleasant Road, Chapter 43: Landscape architecture, Chapter 44: Templestowe, town planning protests, Chapter 45: Council election, Chapter 46: The early 1970s,

My Story

Author: Sonia Skipper

Working for Knox,

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