alistair knox : an integrated approach to landscape + architecture

Author: Clair Lee
Research Project November 2005. Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning

Abstract This project examines the contribution of Alistair Knox (1912-1986) to the development of an integrated approach to built form in the Australian landscape. Knox is renowned for his environmental building work in the Eltham area of ... read more

chapter one : introduction Alistair Knox ALISTAIR KNOX This chapter provides an introduction to the research topic and outlines the aim, objectives, rationale and methodology that were used to investigate Alistair Knox's integrated approach to landscape ... read more

chapter two : organic architecture INTRODUCTION Knox described his environmental building5 as a unification of structure and nature6. Much has been written about the relationship between architecture and the landscape. Charles Moore has identified 4 basic modes: merging, ... read more

chapter three : discussion of findings INTRODUCTION This chapter presents discussion of the findings of 5 spreadsheets that were compiled to analyse Knox's books: COLLABORATION CHART - A chart of people mentioned in the writing, which aims to illustrate the ... read more

chapter four : conclusions This research project has sought to gain a greater understanding of Alistair Knox and his contribution to the field of environmental design through an analysis of his writings. The focus of the research was the identification and ... read more

bibliography BOOKS Avalon landscape and harmony: Walter Burley Griffin, Alexander Stewart Jolly and Harry Ruskin Rowe. Avalon Beach, NSW: Ruskin Rowe Press, 1999 Beyond architecture: Marion Mahony and Walter Burley Griffin in America, Australia ... read more

appendix one : collaboration chart "There is no question that a typical cross-section of the Eltham community would reveal a more distinguished group of individuals than has occurred in any part of Australia." Knox, Alternative housing, p.83 Knox's writings are ... read more

appendix two : attribute listing 'Landscape is in essence, a poetic vision of the visible creation. It may be described but not defined, because it is a work which releases the imagination and fires our spirits.' KNOX, Living in the environment, p80 According ... read more

appendix three : registration of influence This register was compiled from references made in the texts to historical artists/designers who Knox respected. The ideas and methods of these people may have influenced and been transferred into Knox's design practice. Surnames in ... read more

appendix four ; projects table 'If the alternative society is to arrive in Australia, it will be done by flesh-and-blood people ranging from school teachers to bank managers, potters to porters who are prepared to buck the system' Knox, Alternative Housing,p 80 ... read more

appendix five : eltham vs suburbia 'There is a fundamental movement in the hearts of many people to find an alternative to the tidy-tacky and pressed out plastic products that have neither sensuous appeal nor spiritual value.' Knox. Living in the environment, pviii ... read more

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